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The Calm Before the Storm-Prepare Now



Checklist Tips for Hurricane Preparation

Electronics Personal Needs Clothing

*Cellphone Charger *Travel Size Essentials *Shorts and Pants

*LED Flashlight *Shampoo and Conditioner *Shirts long and short sleeve

*Radio *Toiletries *Under garments

*Batteries *Feminine Products *Rain Gear and Boots

*Clock *Soap *Gloves

First Aid Paperwork Food and Drinks

*Band Aids *ID *Water

*Peroxide *Passport *Canned Food

*Bug Spray *Insurance Paperwork *Non-Perishable Food Items

*Sunscreen *Medical Cards *Vitamins

*Prescriptions *Will *Disposable Plates/Utensils

*Thermometer *Vaccination Records *Napkins

*Tylenol(Adult/Kids) *SS Card

*First Aid Kit

Pets Accessories Miscellaneous

*Leash *Garbage Bags *Extra Blankets

*Harness *Ziploc Bags *Matches

*Water *Umbrella *Flares

*Dry Pet Food *Manual Can Opener *CASH

*Pet Bed/Blanket *Tent *Battery operated Fan

*Shot Records/Meds *Small Portable Grill *Instant Coffee

*Favorite Toy *Charcoal *Book Bag/Small Suitcase


Prepare Your Home and Vehicle

*Generator *Fill Up Propane Tanks *Fill Spare Gas Cans

*Oil for Generator *Bring in Trash Bins *Secure Lawn Furniture

*Locate Water Shut Off *Locate Gas Shut Off *Small Window A/C Unit

*Fill Tubs with Water *Set Fridge at Coldest Setting *Coolers

*Before Photos of Home *Check Insurance Policies *Create Home Inventory

*Evacuation Route *Backup Electronic Files *Charge all Batteries

*Gas up your vehicle *Have Oil Changed *Board/Shutter Windows


These lists are just a few tips to help you prepare for an up coming hurricane. Keep in mind that elderly or persons with certain health conditions should make preparation now in case of a power outage for medically necessary equipment. Don't forget about our pets, make sure they will have comfort and safety during any storm. Being prepared is essential to giving you peace of mind while you ride out the storm or whether you will need to evacuate.



Every year when we get a warning, close call or an actual hurricane we get flooded with calls to have shutters installed a day or two before a storm is going to hit. We want you to be prepared now. Putting up shutters or boards can sometimes take 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the home. We want to make sure we can give you the security of knowing that your home is secure for when the storm comes. Contact us to be placed on our Hurricane Shutter Installation and Removal list so that you know your home and family will be safe. As the storm moves closer we will contact you with a scheduled time and date to have your shutters/boards installed. These spots fill up quick, CALL TODAY 772-501-6238 so you can have peace of mind.

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