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Hurricane Aftermath Safety

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

As Hurricane Irma has reached our area this week we will see much devastation, destruction and personal loss. While our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with all citizens of Indian River County, we want to also remind you of a few tips upon your return from your evacuating to reassure you and your family are safe during the recovery of the hurricane aftermath.

It’s not necessarily over when the winds stop blowing.

You’ll still need to take steps to ensure your safety.

1. Continue listening to the radio for updates and other advisories.

2. Stay alert for reports on flooding and extended rainfall.

3. If you are separated from your family, go to an agreed on meeting place.

4. If you have evacuated, return home only when the authorities say it is safe.

5. If you have long-term housing needs, contact FEMA.

6. Drive only if necessary and avoid flooded roads even if they look slow-moving or shallow. There may be strong currents and heavy debris just below the surface.

7. Avoid loose or dangling power lines. Report them as soon as possible.

8. Before entering your house, walk around and inspect it for gas leaks, loose power lines and structural damage. It may not be safe to enter.If you smell gas, or if there are flood waters, do not go into your house.

9. Use battery powered flashlights, turning them on before entering the building. (Activating a flashlight may throw a tiny spark from the batteries that could ignite any leaking gas.)

10. Keep your pets under control and be aware of any wild animals that may roam into an area.

11. If you have to reach into a debris pile, poke around with a stick to discover snakes or other animals that may be sheltering there.

12. Avoid tap water until you’re sure it’s not contaminated.

13. Wear protective clothing. Any water you may come in contact with could be contaminated, and open wounds will become infected.

14. Never use a generator in an enclosed space. Carbon monoxide can build up faster than it can be ventilated, and it can linger long after the generator has been shut off.

Beware of who you hire to a assist you with your clean-up and repairs, as this is a time when uninsured people come from out of town to try to make a quick buck and could leave you with additional financial losses.

1. Check for insurance

2. Check for proper licensing for Indian River County for type of work that is being performed.

3. Ask for references

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