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Hurricane Season June 1st

Updated: Aug 27, 2019




PAINTED/STRIPPED HARDWARE Don't wait till the storm is on its way! Make preparation now! Last year we experienced many last minute calls to install shutters the day before the hurricane was suppose to hit. Many shutters couldn't be installed due to stripped screws. CALL TODAY we will get your home ready for easy installation when its time to put the shutters on your home.


MISSING HARDWARE Missing wing nuts? Missing screw fasteners? When the time comes to install your shutters you don't want to be missing screws/fastners The local hardware stores run short on supplies. CALL TODAY we will make sure you have everything you need for an easy installation.


INSTALLATIONS We will take your worries away of getting your shutters on in time for a storm. When we prepare you an estimate we will put you on our WORRY FREE list so that you are the first to be contacted for installation. While we make sure you have all of your Hardware in proper working order, we can give you a FREE ESTIMATE to install them when the time comes.


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