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Facility Maintenance

Cowboy Customs currently offers a wide range of services to over 14 Facility Management Companies. We service the areas of Brevard County, Indian River County, St Lucie County and Martin County. Facilities we have serviced include Retail Stores, Restaurants, Dental Office, Outlets, Plazas and Strip Malls.

We take great pride in providing a partnership with Property and Facility Management Companies that reflects a service oriented mentality along with affordable pricing, excellent communication, promptness, professionalism and flawless documentation.

We classify ourselves with the current companies we service as Pressure Washing Services,Handyman, General Maintenance and Repair. As you are aware this allows us to be of service in many areas, some examples of projects we have completed are listed below. 

strip mall 2.png
Pressure Cleaning
Ceiling Tile Replacement Handy Facility Maintenance
Ceiling Tile Replacement
Trim and Molding Repair Handyman Facility Maintenance
Trim and Molding Repair
Drywall Repair Handyman Facility Maintenance
Drywall Repair
Carpet Tile Handyman Facility Maintenance
Carpet Tile Replacement
Bulb Replacement Handyman Facility Maintenance
Bulb Replacement
Faucet Repair/Replacement Handyman Facility Maintenance
Faucet Replacement
Window Cleaning Handyman Facility Maintenance
Window Cleaning
Restroom Accessories Handyman Facility Maintenance
Restroom Accessories
Door and Hardware Repair Handyman Facility Maintenance
Door Hardware
Paint/Touch Up Handyman Facility Maintenance
Paint/Touch Up
Furniture/Shelving Assembly Handyman Facility Maintenance
Furniture/Shelving Assembly
Toilet Repair Handyman Facility Maintenance
Toilet Repair
And Much More

We look forward to being able to offer our services to your company and your clients!! Please contact our office at 772-501-6238 so that we can discuss our opportunities for your future projects.


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